The Life In A Fine City guide to Love Light Norwich
Over the Valentine’s weekend, thousands of visitors will descend on the fine city for the inaugural Love Light Norwich - a bright new festival with the theme of love and belonging. Here’s all you need to know…

When is it? 13th – 15th February 2020.

Where is it? In venues, on the streets and walls of Norwich.

Is it family friendly? Definitely! Something for everyone and to suit all ages.

What can we expect? A celebration of light, the festival includes an illuminating array of internationally renowned artworks, interactive installations, live fire performances and much much more besides.

What are the highlights? Here are just a few from a great programme of events – Pyrotechnics and street fire theatre by Bilbobasso, candlelit performance by art rockers The Neutrinos, the shadow story of Jack Valentine at The Museum of Norwich and French troubadours Picto Facto in The Valentine’s Parade.

What’s the LIFC top pick of the programme? Earl Harlem’s Pleasure Gardens Dance Party – a 3 night journey from 1930s swing to 1990s indie on the Norwich Market.

Looks like a long weekend. We’re guessing there’s food and drink? Of course! The famous Norwich Market will be extending its opening hours so there’ll be stall after stall of delicious street food on offer. There is also a specially curated Food Trail through the city featuring some of our favourite restaurants, cafes and bars.

Sounds great, is there anything else we should know? We highly recommend you visit the Love Light Norwich website and download a copy of their Trail Map, which showcases all of the festival events across the city.

How do we get there? For those who live in and around the city, it is probably easiest to walk or cycle. For those living further afield, recommended car parks and transport links can be found on the website.

Verdict: This is a fantastic new event and it’s absolutely free! Tell your family and friends and let’s help pack the streets to make this a weekend to remember.

For more information visit the Love Light Norwich website here.