The Book Hive's top 5 books of 2022

Whether you’re looking for a gift or just a good read for yourself, there’s something for everyone in The Book Hive‘s top 5 books of 2022.

The Book Hive is a much-loved and beautifully curated multi-award winning independent book shop in the Norwich Lanes! Lauded by authors, publishers and readers alike – the Book Hive is truly one of the finest independent book shops to be found anywhere in the UK. Not only that – The Book Hive stocks lots of great publications by Norwich and Norfolk based authors too. 

Adventures in Modern Recording – Trevor Horn

If you have even more than a passing interest in the popular music scene of the past 40 years, this is a must. For Trevor Horn – a quiet, unassuming man who hasn’t spent much time blowing his own…horn – has been a vital part of the soundtrack to all our lives over that time. So much pop culture history to revel in here, all told through the story of one of the industry’s good guys. His story in his words…

Illuminations – Alan Moore

Alan Moore has a huge following and god-like status as the most successful comic book writer in history. But for those who dont know his writing, (huge, doorstop sized novels like Jerusalem) here is an introduction via his first collection of short stories. Spoiler alert – one of them is as long as some novels… Here is the outpouring of an unrivalled imagination and honest-to-god pinpoint brilliance writing. The work of a true genius.

Brother. Do. You. Love. Me – Reuben and Manni Coe

Here is a story of brotherly love unlike any other. Ruben Coe has Downs syndrome and at the start of the pandemic was living in sheltered accomodation having previously suffered a breakdown. His parents lived on the other side of the country in Norwich, his brothers were scattered around the world, including Manni, his closest, who lived in spain. On seeing a heartbreaking photo of Rueben staring dead-eyed through a window, hand placed on the glass as a call for help, Manni dropped his busy life and broke him out of the home. Together they holed up in a tiny cottage and started his long road to rehabilitation. A heartbreaking and ultimately hope filled story of love and sacrifice.

The Dreaming of Place – Hugh Lupton

Hugh Lupton is not only a well known storyteller in his native Norfolk, he is internationally renowned for having led the resurgence in the art form over the past 35 years. this collection – published by Propolis Books of the Book Hive – gathers together his articles, essays, reviews and praise-songs from across his whole career, and as a whole paints a stunning portrait of what it means to tell stories, why humans do it, and how they root us as individuals and societies to the landscapes we inhabit. Fascinating and vital reading which speaks to all of us.

This Hollow Land – Aspects of Norfolk Folklore – Peter Tollhurst

This book – originally published in 2018 – deserves another shout out. In a newly designed edition this unique treasure trove documenting the vast catalogue of East Anglian folklore is readily available again. Not just of interest to those keen on myth and legend, but anyone who has ever spent any time in this part of the country. An essential for all East Anglian bookshelves and something you will never tire of re-visiting.

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