PRB Presents Starcrawler at Norwich Arts Centre

PRB Presents Starcrawler at Norwich Arts Centre on 31st August 2022.

Born on the streets of Los Angeles, Starcrawler are a band of misfit rock & rollers for a new generation- for the freaks and weirdos in everyone. Led by lead singer Arrow de Wilde’s and her cathartic performances the band brings an unforgettable chaotic electricity to every concert. Alongside her, guitarist Henri Cash plays the perfect foil to Arrow with an undeniable style and performance of his own, tearing at the guitar like few have before him. Alongside bassist Tim Franco, the band has the undeniable charisma and artistry to cut through the noise and pretenders – poised to explode into the mainstream.

Since their early days, Starcrawler have gone from bashing out songs in the garage to winning the love of such legendary artists as Shirley Manson and Elton John. They’ve opened for the likes of Beck, Foo Fighters, Spoon, The Distillers, and MC5 and toured across the UK, EU, Australia and Japan. 2022 brings a new LP under construction and early reports are that it is the sound of Starcrawler going full throttle and coming into their own.

Tickets from £14.50 and available here.