Best live band in Norwich right now? LIFC talk to Vieira and The Silvers

Vieira and The Silvers are one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Norwich for years but very little is known about them! LIFC caught up with lead singer, Diogo Vieira de Silva, prior to their headline gig at Norwich Arts Centre, to find out a little bit more. 

That’s some sound you’ve got there. Who or what are your major influences? 

Cheers, I think undeniably 60’s and 70’s music has always been a major influence on my songwriting. I’m a big fan of Captain Beefheart and bands like The Rolling Stones and The Doors in particular, but really there are so many of those bands and artists from that scene I could name that have played a part in my creativity. When it comes to the meaning behind a lot of my songs, I think I always try to replicate many of the similar themes found in the Existentialist movement, through writers such as Camus, Dostoevsky etc., a determination and hopefulness through suffering, something like that… 

You’ve made a big impact on the local music scene in a relatively short space of time. Are you surprised by the reaction or was it always part of the plan? 

Always part of the plan. I think at a gig sometimes people need a nudge of encouragement to really let themselves go and I think we try to provide that nudge as aptly as possible.

You’ve got some seriously good musicians there. Have you all featured in other bands before and if so with who, where and when? 

Thank you, I am very lucky to have some very skilled musicians alongside me. I myself have played in a Norwich based band previously called WRECK and most of the other guys are in plenty of other local Norwich bands also including The Violet Kicks, Scott Attew’s band and Sebbuku. 

We really love your digital releases, Hey There Stranger and Like A Dog. Any other recordings lined up in the near future? 

Yeah, we have been working hard in the studio these last two months with Gavin Bowers over at Catch 21 Records in Norwich to release an upcoming 4-track EP. It will be released digitally but also I think we’ll press some limited physical copies with Catch 21 Records. I think we’ll have a new single out by Spring.

You’ve got a great reputation as a live act. For those who haven’t seen you before, what can people expect? 

Well it’s hard to say what to expect really; I guess that’s what makes it exciting. But if I had to say, I would say we play it like we mean it, and we encourage you to use your imagination. 

 And after your gig at Norwich Arts Centre. What else do you have planned in 2023? 

Of course the release of more music as I’ve mentioned, but we’re also heading out on tour with WAXX in the spring. We’re playing a few shows in London too, and supporting my good friends PleasureInc at Voodoo Daddy’s Showroom in March which is likely to be wild and sell out soon. Looking forward to it… 

Vieira and The Silvers headline Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 24th February. You’ll find more information and tickets here