A lockdown love letter to Norwich: Part 2 by Nick Snell

One of a series of love letters to Norwich during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020. A few local people reflecting on what they miss, about everyday life in the city.

I left my heart in Norwich at the tender age of 16 for the bright lights and lure of London Town, only to find myself travelling back at any given opportunity to spend weekends with the wonderful friends made within the old city walls.

I attempted a handful of great escapes over the following years and made it as far as Miami Florida; but despite the sun drenched beaches and bikini clad welcome, I still felt the pull of my heart strings and ended up back in my true loves embrace; yes, the fine city of Norwich.

It’s simply a place that’s born and ingrained deep in your blood or you visit long enough to get a real shot of it and become addicted forever! My on off love affair has lasted for more than 5 decades spanning childhood through to adulthood. I’ve grown from wanting to escape to never wanting to leave. I’ve watched it evolve and change from sleepy old Norwich to a cultural melting pot of diversity brimming with creatively minded people.


My love for this beautiful place encompasses everything from the way our pavements weave through a magical scenery full of ancient architecture alongside the bustle of a community who really do connect with one another’s lives. There exists an unexplainable union of this vibrational current of excitement while being a place of total calm.

I believe Norwich has a unique beauty, those huge skies we are blessed with and that incredible coastline on our doorsteps. The friendships made here seem to yield a true infinity and kinship among people. Folk have often spoken to me of the Ley Lines of Norfolk and how this energy pulls and mystifies us; I think I agree.

With unwavering love,

About the Author

Nick Snell

Norwich socialite, Nick Snell, is a director/buyer at Dogfish Menswear, Catfish Womenswear and Seven Wolves. All located in the Norwich Lanes.

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