Moorish Falafel Bar

Speciality: Vegetarian / Vegan food
Where: 17 Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL
Opening Times: Monday - Wednesday 11am - 6pm, Thursday - Saturday 11am - 7.30pm

Located in the heart of the Norwich Lanes for over a decade, Moorish Falafel Bar has established itself as a firm favourite to both locals and tourists alike.

Inspired by the zesty flavours of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, Moorish prepare a wide variety of fresh and tasty plant-based food every day including homemade falafel, fresh hummus and guacamole and a variety of vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Our favourites include the Moorish Wrap, the Beyond Meat ™ Burger and the Moorish Sharing Platter.